The party’s over

So our big night at the Triffid for Frankie is done and dusted.

It was pretty amazing really. A full house of people we did, and didn’t know, ready to party on a Friday night. A stage full of really talented musicians offering to do their thing in a great venue, and it all just so happens to be for our Frankie. The man of the moment all tucked up in bed with his big hair, blissfully unaware…
That he had his very own Let’s be Frank website and Facebook page;
That the kids of West End were onboard, walking around in Let’s be Frank T-shirts, telling people about AS, selling raffle tickets and hitting up anyone they met for cash;
That what felt like the whole neighbourhood and WESS school community was buying tickets to his Gig;
That his Darwin relatives were selling cupcakes to their soccer club;
That a roadside stall had been set up by fans in Paddington to hit up pedestrians;
That Jonathan’s workmates in Sydney were holding an office fundraiser for his Smart Pup;
That two people he’s never met had nominated FAST for their Bridge-to-Brisbane cause because of him;
That Let’s Be Frank banners had been donated and coasters were being printed;
That the Fauves had even agreed to personally sign one of his ‘Dogs are the best people’ dog mats;

All a bit over the top, I know…but its not every day that you get to do this stuff and I don’t get out much.

But honestly, loads of people offered their support in so many different and amazing ways that we were pretty overwhelmed and very humbled by the whole experience. So many things came together on the night to make it all work…

Perhaps that it was the end of the week, and an hour of free drinks probably helps. Bec Mac our outrageous MC was out of control, making men take off their shirts for money and the crowd loved it. Sissybones got the crowd going from the outset and Sahara Beck kind of blew people away with her performance. Christine Johnston was amazing, and is as talented as she is nice. She is really, really nice and one of Frankie’s favourite pastimes is listening to bird song so her performance really worked for us. Kasey and Bern were so great, and are nice too. Everyone was, as talented as they were nice.

I don’t know about you, but nice matters in our world. (Apart from the biffo) We had buckets of nice at Lets be Frank…and Bill Chambers was very cool, we loved him too.

Probably most importantly though was that the show was being run by pros. So we feel very fortunate to be friends with some of these lovely pros, who made this all happen for us.

We know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful support network of family and friends, and that raising funds for Frankie’s Smart Pup would have been a long haul otherwise. Instead, (after a train-wreck of a year) we had a lot of fun, raised some awareness around Angelman Syndrome and funds for AS research, and, connected with our community in a really great way.

Triffid photos: Stewart Munro

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