Smart Pups Seizure Assistance Dogs

Fauves were right. Dogs really are the best people.

Smart Pups is a not-for-profit organisation that trains assistance dogs for special needs children. A dog is specially trained to meet their families needs, to look out for the child and provide reassurance.

When we heard about Smart Pups we decided it was such a brilliant idea that we applied. A few months later we were accepted into the program, and we feel it’s going to be a game-changer for our family.

Frankie is very tactile, but quite immobile and visually impaired. His assistance dog will be trained to be his constant companion, and to meet his cuddl’n needs. The dog will have access to all areas and be specially trained to alert us to any seizure activity.

Training a seizure assistance dog takes a lot of hard work from foster families and trainers, and around 12-18 months. Families need to raise the $25,000 for their Smart Pups. This is what it takes to create a super dog, and this is why we started to look at fundraising for Frankie…hence ‘Let’s be Frank’ was born.

You can visit the website for more info or to make a donation, or check out their Facebook page.

This is Frankie’s Smartpup Hercules. He arrived in March 2018..